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Euroball is a European collaboration to build a gamma-ray spectrometer for nuclear spectroscopy. The countries involved are Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and the UK.

The new array allows an unprecedented study of the properties of the exotic atomic nuclei with a sensitivity significantly greater than the previous generation of instruments.

The array consists of 30 large volume germanium detectors, 26 Clover germanium detectors and 15 Cluster germanium detectors each with an associated suppression shield.

The first phase of EUROBALL commenced operation in early 1997 at Legnaro National Laboratories, Italy.

In November 1998 EUROBALL was moved to the Institut de Recherches Subatomiques, Strasbourg, France. For this new phase, which is scheduled to commence in early 1999, the array is being upgraded to include an inner BGO (Bismuth Germanate) array and a Silicon ball.

The Euroball project is run by a number of committees under the management of the Euroball Coordination Committee. Overall responsibility lies with the Euroball Joint Management Committee.

Some data acquisition specifications and documents and also mechanical design pictures of Euroball are available on the NPG server.

These pages are maintained by the Nuclear Physics Group at the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils.

Simon Letts 16 November 1997